Called By Name

It might sound strange, but in a lot of Japanese households, the use of first names tends to become increasingly rare after the arrival of children and grandchildren. Although plenty of parents in the Western world will also refer to each other as “Mom” or “Dad” in an effort to help their newborn or toddler pick up the words, or sometimes just to be cute, a man calling his wife “Mama” or “Okaasan” even after their kids have long flown the nest is perfectly common in Japan.

But what happens when a husband suddenly starts calling his wife by her first name, just like when they first started dating or had not long been married?

Japanese cosmetics company Pola recently conducted an experiment to find out how simply being called by their first name can affect the health and physical appearance of young women who have over the years come to be known simply as “Mama”.

The effect was surprisingly powerful...

The idea that simply using a woman’s first name could be enough affect her mood might seem strange to those outside Japan, but watch the reactions of these young mothers as their husbands follow Pola’s simple instructions. Be sure to toggle the English subtitles when playing the video.

99.5% of Japanese Woman have never heard the good news of Jesus or much less, even know that they have a God who loves them, thinks about them, and knows their name. Lets pray that many Japanese will be introduced to God's Love and know, He wants to call them by name.   

Psalm 147:4  

"He determines the number of the stars; he gives to all of them their names."

If God knows every star by name, how much more does he know his children?


Media Provided by Pola & Philip Kendal