How To Financially Support The Marin Family


      1. Make a Commitment:

What is a commitment? Your commitment is understood to be an ongoing annual amount (pledge of support) you prayerfully plan to give toward our     God-given ministry. *Please note: This is the financial support which gets us to and keeps us on the mission field.

  • Your annual commitment amount can be split into quarterly or monthly amounts if desired.
  • If needed, you can change or stop your financial commitment at any time.
  • No commitment is too big or too small.

To Make a Commitment go to:


      2. Give a One-Time Gift

What are "one-time gifts? These are another way you can partner with our ministry financially. One-time gifts are a one-time financial donation which are utilized for unique ministry expenses such as training, moving/ relocation expenses, and/ or unexpected expenses (i.e. car repairs, registration fees, medical emergencies, etc.).

To Give a One-Time Gift go to:

  • No gift is too big or too small.
  • All giving is tax-deductible and secure.
  • All giving is processed by Encompass World Partners


Our Commitment To You:

Our family understands how vital the role of our supporters is. Because of this, we feel an indebtedness to them which would encourage us to commit to you by:

  • Working diligently in ministering to the Japanese in the greater L.A. area
  • Communicating regularly what God is doing through our ministry (via personal phone calls, email, and the web)
  • Sharing prayer needs with one another